Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Knights in Black Leather

While grounded for six months I missed the raggedy bad ass group of no good pirates I call my brothers. So I took the time to write a poem:

There aint no stopping when the rebels ride
Boozed up courage more liqour by their side
Frenzied to no cause just loving the thrill
Better watch out when they hunt for a kill

Monday, November 26, 2012

Back in Black

Nothing like a six month leave of absence to make you yearn to fly amongst the stars once more. It's been longer than I expected and my first order of business was to look at my corp status. I was happily greeted with the BRRC symbol and greetings soon followed.

I was then informed that a lot of things have changed since I last departed. The list of ship modifications went on and on and in the end the only plan I could muster was to undock a rifter and start shooting.

I soon found a cyno and decided I'd have a go at it. Then, with the help of a Tusker called Volstruis, we scanned down the pod and merrily watched it explode. Not the most impressive of kills but kills none the less. It was a late Sunday night and there wasn't much action to be had so after a few hours of fruitless hunting, I headed to my quarters and grabbed some z's.

All in all though I'm glad to be back!