Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Cleansing: Mission Aborted

For a moment, it seemed like I was worried for nothing. I was warping to my out gate, which Jax Spade already reported as clear, but in Hevrice things change in a heartbeat.

The Tuskers were known to guard their home system with finesse. This was a perfect system to come to if you were looking to fight, but that day I wasn't. I fought to keep my eyes open as it was already quite late in the evening. I just wanted to reach null sec, then I'd sleep.

My warp drive disengaged as I landed at the gate. I yawned, waiting for the Hurricane to stop before jumping through. The yawn abruptly turned into a cough when I saw a small fleet of Tuskers land as well. My half closed eyes were now ajar and my heart was pounding in my throat.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Cleansing Pt.3

In my quest to destroy every boat I own, I turned my gaze towards my large Rifter supply. I headed over to Hulmate, grabbed one and patrolled around Essence. I was hanging around in Adirain for a while, waiting for Jax Spade to arrive in his Mammoth to carry my loot to Jita when local comms caught my attention. Dark Magni requested a T1 frigate 1v1. I obliged by starting a fleet and inviting him over to a safe spot. I knew he was flying an Incursus so I loaded Barrage, figuring I'd stay out of blaster range if I could, and waited.

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Cleansing Pt.2

Continuing on my mission to blow up every ship I own, I headed out with a Rifter to look for more fights. It's been a while since I've flown a Rifter and I soon remembered how much fun T1 frigates could be. It didn't take long to find a fight.

Friday, January 4, 2013

The Cleansing Pt.1

Looking through my assets I was shocked by the sheer amount of crap I've been hoarding up since joining R1FTA. For all the noise I was making about my money problems I sure had a lot of shit to sell. To add to my disgust I discovered fitted ships that I have long forgotten and were now gathering dust in hangers all over New Eden. It was time for a cleansing, to relieve myself of these unused items and ships. I'll start hauling the items over to Jita soon, but the ships, they've got to get blown to pieces!