Sunday, July 31, 2011

Corporational Activities

Since last week's micro success, I've been busy trying to make something of the empty corp I'm in. I paid Xanderzone a small sum to become director of his corporation and have been planning and recruiting since then. The recruitment process is slow, but I've managed to find two young pilots willing to join with us. I've also sponsored a pilot under my license to go into wormhole space and start up a few factories on the planet there. Also while she is in the Republic Military School, she'll be looking for new recruits for The Tempest Blood.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mini Fist Pump!

I found a class 2 wormhole in Ardar on Saturday. After thoroughly scouting it out, I fetched my new Hurricane and started shooting at sleepers. The tank did...okay I guess, had to warp out one or two times to let my armor repper catch up but all in all it held its own. The addition of the webber made all the difference against the frigates and I think my DPS is okay against cruisers. The battleships are tough cookies to crack though, and they pack a punch from a distance. I had to bookmark a random object close to it, warp out and back to the object to get under its guns.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Questionable Tanking

The past few days was busy without being eventfull. I rebuilt my Cheetah and set about scanning the surrounding systems, found a few Ladars and Grav sites along with a class 2 wormhole which I explored, but without a Hurricane on standby there wasn't much point. It does seem as though my theory was right, low sec wormholes don't get as much attention as they do in hi sec, though I'll have to look more into this.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The grass looks green...

I hauled all my assets to Piekura, a hi-sec system close to Nikkishina, only to discover that I want to head back to my "homeland", back to Minmatar space. This idea came to me while talking to my friends at the Rogue's Retreat. They frequently assemble fleets to do all sorts of things, and I'm always the one who has to refuse due to my location.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Another two months without posts. The reason is as simple as this: Mining is a dull, thoughtless activity that sucks up days and even weeks in its brainless repetition, giving you enough ISK to keep at it, but after a month or so when you look at your mountainous stockpile of pyroxeries with a grin, you discover that the rewards reflect the risk you took in mining...little, next to nothing.