Sunday, July 31, 2011

Corporational Activities

Since last week's micro success, I've been busy trying to make something of the empty corp I'm in. I paid Xanderzone a small sum to become director of his corporation and have been planning and recruiting since then. The recruitment process is slow, but I've managed to find two young pilots willing to join with us. I've also sponsored a pilot under my license to go into wormhole space and start up a few factories on the planet there. Also while she is in the Republic Military School, she'll be looking for new recruits for The Tempest Blood.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mini Fist Pump!

I found a class 2 wormhole in Ardar on Saturday. After thoroughly scouting it out, I fetched my new Hurricane and started shooting at sleepers. The tank did...okay I guess, had to warp out one or two times to let my armor repper catch up but all in all it held its own. The addition of the webber made all the difference against the frigates and I think my DPS is okay against cruisers. The battleships are tough cookies to crack though, and they pack a punch from a distance. I had to bookmark a random object close to it, warp out and back to the object to get under its guns.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Questionable Tanking

The past few days was busy without being eventfull. I rebuilt my Cheetah and set about scanning the surrounding systems, found a few Ladars and Grav sites along with a class 2 wormhole which I explored, but without a Hurricane on standby there wasn't much point. It does seem as though my theory was right, low sec wormholes don't get as much attention as they do in hi sec, though I'll have to look more into this.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The grass looks green...

I hauled all my assets to Piekura, a hi-sec system close to Nikkishina, only to discover that I want to head back to my "homeland", back to Minmatar space. This idea came to me while talking to my friends at the Rogue's Retreat. They frequently assemble fleets to do all sorts of things, and I'm always the one who has to refuse due to my location.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Another two months without posts. The reason is as simple as this: Mining is a dull, thoughtless activity that sucks up days and even weeks in its brainless repetition, giving you enough ISK to keep at it, but after a month or so when you look at your mountainous stockpile of pyroxeries with a grin, you discover that the rewards reflect the risk you took in mining...little, next to nothing.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Spacer Returns to Space

Two months and a day since my last post and I guess the few readers I had gave up on me, but before writing me off completely, let me explain what has been cooking in my real life. It started with a Xbox 360 game that kept me away for a while, then that was followed by my upcoming wedding and all the organization that goes with it. After that it was my wedding and a honeymoon on a cruise ship and a few days in Venice. When I got back I packed my things and moved in with my brand spanking new wife :) where I had no Internet connection and little time to remedy that. That was until this Monday when I got a temporary cellphone data bundle until I get a solid connection, so yesterday I resubscribed and hopped into the driving seat of my pod once more. The connection I have right now is laggy at best, so I'll probably spend my time mining away till I get a faster connection. There you have it, that's my excuse, whether or not its a good excuse is up to you, but I'm going to continue blogging. Starting now:

Friday, February 11, 2011

Coerce me no more!

I spent yesterday doing a radar site in Nikki. I took my sweet time in my rupture, not having the range or the speed to shoot down targets fast, but it worked out in the end and soon I watched my wallet grow almost 30 million ISK stronger.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Did I spill your ore?

The last few days I've been hauling ships and mods into Nikkishina, my new home away from home in low sec. Most interesting thing that happened in the beginning was seeing my warp drive stabilizer work after being warp jammed in my Mammoth full of toys on a gate.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

So...what now?

I've spent the last two days thinking on plans to make my WH career a bit more successful, I have a few ideas, but first I need to tell you about an interesting and surprising happening on the day after I lost my second cane.

Monday, January 31, 2011


I have lost yet another Hurricane! I have to admit, I'm losing my composure! I would tell you how I lost it, but I'd suggest you go to my previous post for that!
By some form of twisted fate I stumbled upon exactly the same WH as last time. This time I did scan for ships first, and found none. Mind you though, at the time I didn't realize I was in the same WH, so after scanning down an anomaly I collected my cane and did my thing. And then, "oh look a Loki uncloaked!"

Friday, January 28, 2011

R.I.P. Immortallus

I imagine my body feeling the warmth of the sun as I fly by the Torrinos star in my pod. I doubt that my pod would actually let any warmth breach it's shields though. The warp to the Ibura gate is a nice quiet moment in contrast to the events that just preceded, time to contemplate, think about the mistakes, learn..."WHAT? How?" comes the voice of a fellow corp member, Seth, in response to my claim that I just lost my ship. Yes, Immortallus is no more, and with it, my clean streaks in wormhole space.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Into the unknown...again!

I found a wormhole! It was a quiet class 2 in the Isinokka system. Found another just before that one and I watched it collapse soon after I arrived, a wonderful and rare sight that made me pause to think about the repercussions if I had jumped through a minute before. Some part of me have always wanted to get lost in unknown space, now that would be an adventure! But on to the wormhole I found right after.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Introductions and Such

Well met!

My name is Yuzuki Katayanagi, I'm a Vherokian capsuleer trained by the Republic University, though it has been a few years now (and a few deaths) since I graduated. I’ve had many adventures along my travels and met quite a few faces, some of which remain friends to this day.
I have recently acquired more friends, a place to call home and new goals for the future. These all came in the form of a corporation called Abaddon Innovations. They took me in while I was in a rather tight spot because of a wild investment that turned sour and left me flying in an Ibis digging around for any scrap of money I could find. I soon realized though that we shared a common fascination: wormholes