Monday, January 7, 2013

The Cleansing Pt.2

Continuing on my mission to blow up every ship I own, I headed out with a Rifter to look for more fights. It's been a while since I've flown a Rifter and I soon remembered how much fun T1 frigates could be. It didn't take long to find a fight.

Rifter vs Stabber vs random Retriever

I decided to attempt flying under the Stabbers guns like I did with a Malediction before. This Stabber was kite fitted and soon I was in a tricky situation. After some manual flying I managed to escape, warping off to a random roid belt. Upon landing I was amazed to land right on top of a Retriever. Full knowing the Stabber pilot wouldn't just let me be, I decided bagging the Retriever kill was worth more than saving the Rifter. I was busy taking the Retriever down when the Stabber landed, but I continued my assault. The Retriever soon died but my Rifter quickly followed. I hopped into another Rifter and was on my way again.

Rifter vs Slasher

Not much to say about this one. The pilot was young so the fight was in my favour.

Rifter vs Rifter

Again, the pilot was young, but this time I had a bit more of a fight.

Rifter vs Merlin

Young pilot again, but Merlins are the bane of most Rifters. I decided to increase my orbit on this one and it worked beautifully.

Rifter vs Tormentor

I teamed up with Sorn Nordvind as he was looking for faction warfare targets. We spotted this one in a plex and I warped in. Upon landing I locked up and engaged. When Sorn landed he declared that this pilot was in his faction and he warped off while I tore the ship apart. I felt a little guilty but hey, I'm a pirate.

Rifter vs Hurricane

Managed to get caught by this station camper and got wasted. My pod was lost too. Really freaked on this one, if I stayed calm I might have escaped.

Rifter + Talwar + Slasher vs Thrasher

Tomas Brandhart joined the fray and he managed to point a Thrasher. Me and Sorn warped in and the Thrasher switched targets and decimated my Rifter before getting destroyed himself. I hopped over to Hulmate and grabbed a Malediction.

*edit - I was wondering why this one didn't show up on ZKILLBOARD. It appears that I was such an eager beaver that I didn't realise we were engaging on gate. Only after uploading the loss on I noticed the sentries were the only damage dealers here.

Malediction + Slasher vs Comet

We landed on this Comet inside a plex and started shooting. Soon after his backup arrived and Sorn's Slasher was lost, but not before we destroyed the Comet. The remaining fleet had me pointed, but the Maledicion's speed saved its hide to fight another day.

Malediction vs Venture

This felt like a trap from the get go, but I decided to go for it anyway. A lone Venture in a FW plex was either baiting or depending on its warp drive stability to get away from a fight. I landed on the Venture and opened fire. The Venture had me webbed and scrambled and a fleet soon appeared on d-scan. I destroyed the Venture just as the fleet landed and I got away without any problems.

Malediction vs Stabber Fleet Isssue

Decided to burn away from the gate to make a pounce bookmark. Just got up to speed when I saw gatefire and the SFI uncloaked 5km away from me. Stupid loss, but the pilot complemented my fit.

Malediction vs Ishkur

A thrilling battle that lasted for a while. Could have won this one but I made a few mistakes. One mistake was trying to take out his drones. After shooting at one drone for a while I realised that it was taking too long and I switched back to the Ishkur. Another mistake was nossing a drone instead of the Ishkur. By the time I realised this mistake my cap was taking its toll. I was too far away from the Ishkur to nos it and by the time I closed that gap and activated the nos I was deep in structure. I activated my armor repairer and the cycle was a second away from complete when another volley of blaster fire hit. My Malediction went down but it was a fight that taught me much.

Malediction vs Comet + Merlin + Navitas

I saw these three coming into the plex I was in and decided to try and split them up. I burned away from the landing spot and the Comet landed and followed me. Once I've opened a gap of about 15km between the Comet and the other two I swung round and engaged the Comet. The fight went well as I wasn't webbed, my range and speed saving me from the Comet's blasters. The Merlin soon joined the fray and the Comet was repping armor as well as I was. The fight continued for a bit until the Navitas got into web range and then things turned very ugly. This was a fight that a more experienced pilot would have at least bagged a kill or two from, if not beating them outright. Once again, I learned much from this fight and if I attempted to kill the Navitas when it came into range things might have gone in another direction.

So after all these losses my stockpile of ships looks like this:

Malediction - 5
Rifter - 19
Hurricane - 2 (My hauler was still hanging on to one, thus the extra one)
Imicus - 1
Firetail - 1
Vigil - 2
Tristan - 1
Rupture - 2
Merlin - 4
Procurer - 1
Probe - 1
Slasher - 1
Incursus - 1
Wolf - 1

Seems like I'm making good progress, though I can't decide wether that is a good or a bad thing. Part three coming soon.

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