Monday, February 25, 2013

Tristan vs Faction Frigs

I've had little luck finding kills the last week, probably due to lack of the time I spent looking for them. I spent my time looking for radar sites, hoping to bag some ISK so I could expand my arsenal. Creed Corbett did manage to find a juicy Raven Navy Issue which I reported to my fellow Tuskers.

We soon had a more experienced scanner in system and some Tuskers for DPS on the neighboring gate. I had nothing that could match the DPS in the fleet and it was apparent that I would only tag along for whoring purposes. The other scanner was successful and soon had point on the faction battleship. The rest of us came rushing in, but they stopped pounding the battleship for me to get a shot into it too. After my drones started firing, the fleet continued their assault on the Raven and it quickly exploded.  This encounter did teach me an important lesson though, always have something with DPS at standby should it suddenly become required. It was suggested that I buy a stealth bomber, and I will soon fit up my very first Hound.

Back to the topic of this post though, I had a few fights against faction frigs with my trusty ol' Tristan, and the results were as follows:

Tristan vs Slicer:

Even though the TD on the Slicer kept him from harming me, I had no way of creeping up to it. My drones also had no luck catching up and they were starting to get popped one by one until I returned them to my drone bay. This was a stalemate and we both left the fight.

Tristan vs Comet:

There was no real hope for me here. With the webber equipped I was doing the same thing he was, but he was doing it more effectively. Wasn't long before I went boom, but I can't stop wondering what might have happened should I have had a TD equipped. Though, if it would've helped me, the lack of web would've made it easy for him to just run away. Without the ability to dictate range in the Tristan, most blasterboats will destroy the Tristan if I don't figure out a way to get a bigger tank on this thing.

Tristan vs Hookbill:

I had high hopes for this one. Especially when I forced the Hookbill to land close to me in a novice plex. I had him webbed, scrammed and neuted and my blasters got a few shots in before the range slowly crept up. My hobgoblins were doing a good job too, but it was very apparent that his tank would outlast mine. I figure he was at about 15% shield when my Tristan gave in. Again, a bigger tank might help, but with both the Hookbill and the Comet, I'm not that sure if it would've cut it, especially since the bigger tank would mean less DPS from smaller blasters.

Tristan vs Firetail:

I already posted this fight, but to summarize again: We were fighting up close, a fatal error for the Firetail pilot as my Ions were punching holes in his armor. He realized his mistake and tried to open a gap. Lucky for me I noticed this and approached him directly, allowing me to keep him tackled for longer and my superior DPS payed off in the end. It was a very close fight though, and I'm sure had he not come in so close the outcome would have been different. I must admit though, the Firetail being the only faction frig I could destroy leaves me a bit down in the dumps about buying myself a few of them.

While I might try taking on a Firetail again, I'll be a bit more cautious to take on any of the faction frigates in the Tristan. I've also started theorizing about using a rail fitted Tristan, and with Jax Spade on his way to make a Jita run, I might even put that plan into motion.


  1. I've had luck against firetails and slicers with a TD fit (range damp) slasher firing barrage circling at about 6k. Last night the slicer that I landed on in a FW site didn't even get halfway through the shields on my armor fit slasher.

    And even when I lose, three of my slashers cost the same as one of those faction frigs on average. So I'm willing to take chances.

    I haven't had similar luck against comets and hookbills - there are a lot of variables (pilot skills, fitting, range, ammo) - so I'm never sure about the outcomes.

    Good luck!

  2. Try small rails.