Friday, March 1, 2013

February Kill Summary

So February has ended and it's time to tally up the scores. My activity was limited the last half of the month, but still a good month.

February, 2013

Kills - 49 Isk(B) - 1.36
Losses - 19 Isk(B) - 0.28
Efficiency - 82.90%

That marks the highest efficiency rating I've had to date, but I have to admit to whoring on a Raven Navy Issue kill. It was spotted by Creed Corbett, but scanned and shot down by fellow Tuskers. I was allowed to shoot at it as a courtesy for finding the missioning behemoth.

My favourite kill for the month would have to be the Firetail I managed to destroy in my Tristan. Sparring with my ex-corpmate Death ToU was also nice and killing his Slasher was a nice little bonus.

My worst loss would be the wet behind the ear noob that I managed to loose embarrassing. If you missed it, this is what he was flying.

Here's hoping I find a few good fights in the coming month!

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