Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Trial by Fire

One thing I love about Min0r Threat is the fresh recruits we take on. These eager young pilots aren't afraid to learn, and learning this trade is done through practice. One of our young bloods, Monnty, landed on grid as I was finishing up a ratter in Hulmate. This was before he joined the Black Sheep and I was soon trying to target him. He escaped, and I left it at that. Soon after I received a mail from him, asking whether Hulmate was a good place to look for fights. That was my queue to invite him to our public channel where Duke convinced him to join our ranks.

The rookie pilot that can!
Even before he contacted me, he managed to kill a Retriever along with its pod. This made him hungry for more, and more he got. By the end of March he scored 21 kills, a lot of them solo, for only 7 losses, giving him an efficiency rating of 86.89%. This guy might look young and innocent, but he'll dish out punishment like the best of them. With his skills still low I can only imagine what this guy will achieve one day when he gets his support skills up high!

Great job Monnty!

Monnty is but one of our fresh recruits in Min0r Threat, and our arms are wide open should more wish to join.

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