Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Spacer Returns to Space

Two months and a day since my last post and I guess the few readers I had gave up on me, but before writing me off completely, let me explain what has been cooking in my real life. It started with a Xbox 360 game that kept me away for a while, then that was followed by my upcoming wedding and all the organization that goes with it. After that it was my wedding and a honeymoon on a cruise ship and a few days in Venice. When I got back I packed my things and moved in with my brand spanking new wife :) where I had no Internet connection and little time to remedy that. That was until this Monday when I got a temporary cellphone data bundle until I get a solid connection, so yesterday I resubscribed and hopped into the driving seat of my pod once more. The connection I have right now is laggy at best, so I'll probably spend my time mining away till I get a faster connection. There you have it, that's my excuse, whether or not its a good excuse is up to you, but I'm going to continue blogging. Starting now:

Grabbing my new pilot license from the junior officer working at the desk, I couldn't help to grin. It's been two months since I last stepped out of my pod, though thanks to the hum-drum life on the station it felt like years have passed. Walking through the labyrinth of hallways I ended up at my hanger where my pod still stood, patiently waiting for my return. I eagerly climbed into the cramped compartment inside the pod and after the door closed and the life sustaining liquid started oozing in, I was already imagining all the adventures that lay before me. Then my gag reflexes, which was dulled down because of frequent pod use, kicked back in, a very embarrassing pod entry that I haven't had since my very early days.

It didn't take long for me to realise that I can't remember where my stuff was, and what stuff I had. Also, reading through my mails, I realised that alot of things has happened in my corp, like wars and alliance changes. Hope to get hold of Durz0 soon. Looking at my wallet, I realized I might have to spend some time in the roid belts, nothing like a spot of mining to fund some canes for a good time!

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