Saturday, July 16, 2011


Another two months without posts. The reason is as simple as this: Mining is a dull, thoughtless activity that sucks up days and even weeks in its brainless repetition, giving you enough ISK to keep at it, but after a month or so when you look at your mountainous stockpile of pyroxeries with a grin, you discover that the rewards reflect the risk you took in mining...little, next to nothing.

I took a break from my pod again, a much shorter break this time. When I returned, I ignored the blinking mail button, a new habit I formed due to the large amount of mails i got from the alliance, I always thought I'd read them later. I went to my usual mining spot in Ibura and blasted asteroids again, pretty soon though I was joined by a Dramiel, who went ahead and warp scrambled me. I chuckled as I waited for Concord to intervene...they didn't, instead a fleet of ships warped in and didn't waste any time destroying my covetor. Now by this time I realized that our alliance had to be in a wardec. No reason for me to worry about my pod I thought...wrong again, turns out I didn't quite read the rules of engagement concerning wardecs, and soon my pod, along with reasonably expensive implants went boom. In my time away, I also failed to realize that my clone wasn't fully updated, losing me 5 hours of learning time...a small price to pay considering the rest of my losses.

This made me sit down for a long, hard think. Do I stay in Abbadon Inovations? Durzo and Nozza has done so much for me in the time I was with them, but the alliance and all the wardecs they bring with them started to work on my nerves. Also, I wasn't any closer to my dreams of wormhole exploration with them, and I was usually the only active pilot in the corp the last few days. It seemed as though the corp has turned its priority into running missions for agents, which lacked excitement for me as much as mining did. I have reached my goal with agent missions, I am able to procure jump clones at Caldari Navy stations and already had a few across a few systems. A friend of mine, Xanderzone, had invited me to his one man corp for some peace and quiet mining and at that point it seemed like the right thing to do. I was left with guilty feelings as I left Abbadon, but I was able to roam freely in hi-sec once again.

After a trip to Jita, my covetor was up and running again and I started droning away to cover my losses, which was almost exactly my profit from mining away in the first place, and after recovering the ISK lost in my acts of stupidity, I headed to my little hideout in lo-sec.

After I took down a few belt rats in my Ruppy, I jumped into my rifters again, looking for a challenging fight. Yeah, I took a loss, and another one soon after, but it brought a smile to my face, I enjoy life in lo-sec. So, as I am writing this I am busy taking all my things from Ibura closer to my lo-sec hideaway...or should I say HQ. I can have my fun in there, maybe even enter a wormhole or two. Most of you reading this, if anyone is reading this, might think I'm probably the dumbest pilot in space, I don't know, maybe I am. I'm just tired of living the well protected safe life in Hi-sec. I need a thrill, I mean, I'm immortal, I can recover from bankruptcy...pfft, I'm doing that right now!

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