Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Quiet Week

Another week has past and with that the month. Blind Mona is busy trading like a maniac. She is making profits, but not on the scale I was hoping for. Lhorenzho wasn't kidding though when he said trading is therapeutic and with every big transaction your heart skips a merry beat.

On the killing field I've had a tough time finding targets since the Assault Frigate buff. Friday night Raxip Elamp begged me to come 1v1 his Ishkur, after first denying him the chance to kill my Rifter, I remembered our corp policy (FUCK IT!) and headed out to meet him for a fight. I hurled bullets at him, eventually (and surprisingly) ripping a hole through his armour. I could almost smell his structure when my Rifter gave in. He didn't use drones plus he didn't use his armour repairer either (you know, to give me a fighting chance). I was about to warp off in my pod when I noticed the scram on me. Raxip announced that 17 mil would save my clone. I was shocked that he ransomed my pod in an arranged fight, but luckily my clone wasn't even worth the bullets he used to kill it. Raxip did honour his promise to bring back any surviving modules though.

Lhorenzho was feeling generous and sent me a contract full of fitted Rifters to use however I want. The only demand he had was that I "pay it forward." I will gladly oblige, given the opportunity.

It was a Friday which meant our R1FTA roam would begin soon. We didn't have as large a fleet like the week before, but our numbers were still considerable. Apart from obliterating a new pilot in a Thrasher, we didn't find much action. It was getting late and I left the party early to go get some zzz's. The next morning I checked the killboard and found that they managed a Cyclone kill.

On Sunday a few rebels fleeted up and hunted a Thorax in local. DARKSTAR POWNYOUALL managed to engage (sacrificing his Firetail in the process) allowing other rebels to get close. By the time I arrived I only managed to activate my scram before he popped.

Monday I decided to patch together a Punisher and take a roam through the Molden Heath ring. I didn't get far when Reten Kell mentioned a Thrasher in Half. We fleeted and Perri Simone joined too. It was a game of cat and mouse that dragged on for almost an hour. I had about given up and was in the next system when Perri posted an "xx" in fleet chat. When I eventually landed on grid they were quite some distance away. I activated my MWD and closed the distance. Again I barely activated my modules when the Thrasher went down. Poor Retten was two jumps away and didn't get in on the action at all.

Tuesday started with Schmata looking for a 1v1 and I obliged with my Punisher. She had a shield fit again and had the addition of a tracking disruptor. My Barrage struck, but not hard and I didn't activate overheat till half her shield was gone (AGAIN!). Meanwhile the thick armour of the Punisher was starting to show strain and by the time I had Schmata's shields down I had but a sliver of armour left. I started punching holes in her structure but alas, the Punisher couldn't handle more punishment. GF Schmata!

The rest of the evening was spent in a fleet trying to figure out a plan to reach a Hawk in a plex. Before we had one the Hawk docked up. We then searched for a missioning Tengu and Jaguar, who also docked before we got to them. Soon the fleet drifted apart and after shooting at some rats I went to sleep.

Tonight I'm buying a Vexor, I need something to take on those AF's, and without the ISK to fight fire with fire, I'm hoping that a cruiser will do. Also, I'm starting to lose favour with CONCORD, this boat's drones is handy for taking down belt rats. I'm also toying with the idea of going into WH space again for ISK...

I’ll keep you posted,
Fly Reckless!

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