Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Farewell Old Friend!

I was lounging in my quarters watching some holo-vids of an old-world sea pirate named Guybrush while periodically taking short glances at local and the convo with Creed, should potential targets appear. On the table next to me was the market orders Jax wanted me to look at, but I tried to put it out of my mind as I wasn't in the mood to look over market histories and other boring figures. I knew it's what I needed to do with my wallet growing thinner with every ship I lost, but making money was work, something I try to avoid at all costs.

A loud knock came from the door, probably Jax I thought, and I decided to ignore him. Again a knock destroys the serenity of my quarters. I grabbed my pistol and got up, the head rush almost sending me to the floor. I stumbled towards the door while cocking the pistol, this was the last straw, Jax Spade has to know his damn place! Flinging open the door I aimed the pistol at his face, "I said I'll look at it when I get to it!" I screamed, but looking over the iron sights of my pistol, I noticed that it wasn't Jax Spade, but instead the beautiful Virtouse Grimm. As I lowered the pistol I notice the box she's carrying, marked "Sorn's Stuff." She glared annoyed at me and walked past into my quarters.

"Geez, if you let me know you were coming I might have cleaned up the place," I said, trying to ease the tension.

"Bullshit!" she replied and dropped the box to the floor, the contents rattling furiously as it fell, "Everyone knows your one step away from being a bum."

"What's with the box?" I asked, eying it for more clues, "Any word of him yet?"

"Concord has declared him dead, and he left all his affects to you. How is it that you never do a day's worth of work but always end up getting stuff? You're either out losing ships or rotting in a station."

Sorn Nordvind has gone missing some time ago when he announced that he would make a pilgrimage to the old Eve Gate. When his communication dropped off I assumed he got shot at, and he was trying his luck with one of the clone vat nurses, damn some of those girls are smoking, but when a day passed without any word of him I started investigating. I sent Creed over to the closest Concord offices to see if there was any log of his ship being destroyed, but that turned out fruitless. When they heard where he was last seen they took over the investigation and I've been waiting since.

"Did they find anything? Why wasn't he cloned?" I asked as I prodded the box with my foot, making the contents jingle.

"A kill log and an accident report from the clone vats suddenly materialized, an obvious cover up. They're keeping to their story so no clue as to what really happened."

"You think that the gate..." I stopped, the mere thought of the old Eve Gate suddenly working is preposterous. I opened the box, a few personal items, a pistol and a broken bottle of booze was inside, "Is this it?" I asked, somewhat disappointed.

Now Grimm was looking pissed, "You're a fucking bum Yuzuki! I've been slaving my ass off for the man and he leaves me nothing!" she throws a neocom at me, which I barely manage to catch, depth perception is a bitch with the one eye. On the neocom display was the words "Press OKAY to complete transaction." I pressed okay and my own neocom suddenly chimed. Two billion ISK was transferred from Sorn Nordvind into my account. I was missing my old mate Sorn, but this would certainly ease the pain. I don't know how long I stared at my neocom but I noticed Grimm turned around and was busy leaving, fuming.

"What are you going to do now?" I asked Grimm as she walked out the door.

"Going planetside, my pilot's license has expired and without Sorn, I can't afford a new one." She was gone before I could reply.

I jumped back into my lounge, a smile creeping on my face. My head was racing with ideas for  fittings on ships I couldn't afford just a few minutes ago.

"Yuzuki! When the hell are you gonna look at the market orders that I gave you a week ago?! You keep complaining about money...oh hi Grimm...but you can't be arsed to try and make some!" It was Jax Spade who just walked into the still open door to my quarters.

I pointed my pistol at him, "Watch your tone Jax, before you ruin the good mood I'm in," I throw my neocom at Jax who visibly looked shaken from the pistol pointed at him. His eyes grew wider when he looked at the neocom, "Now get your ass to Jita! We've got ships to buy!"


  1. I knew Grimm for a while too. You could never really know what was going on behind those dark eyes of hers...

  2. The good always die young. Adios SORN!!!

  3. Gutted he's gone. Took time out of the game to come back to him gone. Will miss him.