Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back to School

Ever done something that made you think "I knew this, why did I do this?" Like the time I stood at a low sec gate, still a fledgling pilot, waiting for someone to come by and shoot at, only to be harshly reminded about gate sentries. I knew they were there, knew that they'd shoot me if I got GCC, but in the excitement of breaking my carebare habit, I had forgotten it all! A lesson learned in this way usually sticks though.

Yesterday I went hunting with a rifter in Heild, desperate to fire at something. I found a few targets, chased them and lost them a few systems later. When returning from such an excursion I found an outlaw in an Ishtar at the gate. I hail his location in corp chat and warp away. Then Lhorenzo pointed out that DARKSTAR POWNYOUALL would've engaged him anyway. Fueled by desperation, boredom, booze and a desire to prove my worth to the rebels, I valiantly charged back to the stargate to engage. He was gone but I soon find him sitting at a station. Now here is the thing, I know someone close to the station can dock, heck I dock every day, but somehow that knowledge didn't surface. Probably because I thought he'd break my rifter into millions of pieces in a heartbeat. I engaged, and was taking small slivers out of his shield. I was joined by a corp mate also in a rifter and soon the Ishtar's shields were looking grim. "Why isn't he doing anything?" I ask in corp, knowing something wasn't right.

I sat outside the station in complete confusion for about half a minute when the Ishtar vanished. Only when Overnauta claimed that he docked did I understand. No harm done, though I felt like an idiot. At least my rifter was still in one piece and soon I was warping and spamming my D-Scanner again.

While patrolling Heild, a Hookbill landed 100km from me. I fought the urge to run away. I knew it would beat me, but why? Never fought or flew one before so I didn't know anything about a Hookbill. I allowed Mr. friedmegg1 to school me on the topic. He kited, and killed me without him taking any measurable amount of damage. Maybe I should keep some long range ammo with me for just such an event. After the fight I went and checked the hookbill's stats, and because of the fight I understood its strengths and weaknesses better.

It's time to grow a pair and get involved in more fights! Don't be surprised though if my next post is about my money problems. xD

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