Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Come to think about it...

So I wasn’t going to write about yesterday. Too boring. Apart from losing my Cheetah to a gas cloud (which I was warned about, but I just had to learn that lesson myself) I didn’t find anything to fight. It was only by the end of the night while making one more pass through Heild that my D-Scanner picked up a Thorax while hanging by a plex entrance. I thought I’d take a shot as I was dying to fire an autocannon at something. The pilot was Randy Leahy, the Ishtar pilot from the day before. He landed, I approached, he destroyed my rifter. Pretty predictable outcome I thought as I docked, didn’t even get past his shields (dying to know if they were tanked or not).

This morning I kept thinking of the fight though, and I realised something. I might have done a better job if I remembered to keep my transversal up. Instead I overheated my afterburner and went straight for the tight orbit. When my transversal was finally climbing (literally a few seconds later) I was already at less than half armour. Five drones were zooming around me biting me as I besieged the Thorax’s armour. I failed to notice the small amounts of damage coming through (relative to what I’ve taken just moments before) and only realised today that most of the damage must’ve come from the drones. I was under his guns (I think, I’m speculating here) and I’m sure if I’d just taken care of his drones I might have at least taken a chunk out of his Thorax before warping away in my pod. As I said in between brackets, I’m only speculating. Might have been my imagination, but NOW I want another Thorax to kill me to see if I can do better.

Step 1: Set up drones on the overview.

Step 2: Start flying in angles to avoid fire.

So I’m gonna end this post here as I’m dying to get into space. I glanced at my wallet this morning and it’s starting to look grim... ugh, I’ll worry about that later!

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