Monday, January 16, 2012

Gulping Pod Goo Again!

6 months since my last post, 5 of which was spent out of pod. This has always been my habit and I've decided to rid myself of the unrealistic prospects of never taking a break from my capsule. While this break was abnormally long, the craving for space always becomes too much to resist.
So right before my 5 month "hibernation" I abandoned The Tempest Blood and joined The Black Rebel Rifter Club and immediately started looking for trouble everywhere I roamed. Had a few successes and a whole lot of losses. All in all though, I knew I made the right decision.

It's two weeks after returning to space and I'm finally finding my feet again. I've had one great shared success hunting war targets with fellow R1fta pilot Pokka Bokka, and one terrible loss, whilst moving my cane from Hado to Teon.
I'm having a blast ninja salvaging, but it was while can flipping in local belts yesterday that I had a very amusing encounter.
After landing at the top belt I noticed a catalyst mining pyrox into a jetcan. I flipped his can and soon had a conversation with Solo Andedare that led me to believe that soon he'll be flashy red. Enter Missiles aresocash in his rifter, speeding towards the can I flipped, flipping it himself. He orbits Mr. Andedare and shoots down the can. Can this be? Is he really? I burn towards him, lock, pin and BOOM!
Can flippers should do their homework too! Check who your stealing from. My good deed for the day I declare in corp chat, but soon Mr. Andedare warps away leaving his mining drone behind.
Being the proud member of the SPDA (Society for the Prevention of Drone Abandonment) I quickly go rescue the little guy before he joins his also abandoned rogue brothers.
The cruel Solo Andedare returns and I put the little guy in a jetcan and inform Solo that I have returned it to him. He grabs it and the destroyer gets destroyed.
Sadly, the mining drone didn't make it, but his noble sacrifice will be remembered in the hearts of many.

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