Thursday, April 5, 2012

Against the odds

Yesterday I found two ratting T1 frigates, a Kestrel and Tristan, while in my favourite Cyno hunting pocket. I climbed into a Rifter and plunged myself to the belt.

I landed 30km off of them, and figured they would high tail out of there, but the Kestrel was heading straight for me. I switched on the afterburner and headed for an orbit. He opened fire first, and I followed suit. The Tristan was also getting closer, but I focused on the Kestrel first as the Tristan was piloted by a much younger pilot.

Needless to say I was soon taking strain from the double team I was facing on my own, the Tristan had me webbed so the T2 Scourge Rage rockets was hitting hard. The Kestrel was in worse shape though,  and soon he lit up in a glorious explosion and I switched my attention to the Tristan.

He punched hard in my tight orbit, I should really learn to stop getting that close to hybrids. His tank wasn’t tough enough though. I was deep in structure, but he exploded.

One flies around space for hours trying to find targets. When you finally find some, they’re either baiting or running for their dear lives. I salute you Daernissia Nightwing and Daneyr, for valiantly engaging me. This was a very good fight! This was all I needed to bring back my good spirits after missing point on a ratting Drake  by seconds.

Later that evening I decided to head to Essence to visit my corp buddy Sorn and possibly set up another base there. I grabbed a Wolf and took on the 20+ roam towards a system he suggested. I was three jumps out when I noticed a Vengeance sitting at the jump gate. I set course towards him and locked, hoping to get a nice AF fight. He engaged, and it was on.

I broke through his shield with little trouble, but I’ve heard about the legendary tanking abilities of Amar vessels. I was surprised when I started taking chunks of his armour away, faster than his Armour Repper could patch up. I was still looking good and I thought I had this win in the bag. I saw a few gate flashes and suddenly I was sharing the grid with a Thrasher, Jaguar and Dramiel. This didn’t bode well...

But fuck it! This vengeance was going down with me! As I stared at the Vengeance armour, I was beginning to see a decline in my damage output. The bastard was opening a gap between us. APPROACH! I was gaining on him again, his capacitor must’ve died due to my neut. I was in structure at this stage, completely surprised that my Wolf was still flying. He was so deep in structure that one or two volleys from my autocannons would surely have done the trick.


GFGF! Though I lost, this fight was exhilarating. If only I could’ve downed the Vengeance. I was surprised once more by the durability of the Wolf, I was expecting that fight to be over much sooner than it was.

I had out of pod appointments for the night, so I docked up and bid everyone farewell. I would have to visit Essence some other time.

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