Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Two Rifters are better than one at a time

First: Read about how Jack Dancer and I bagged a Drake in our Rifters.

Second: Stay on his blog and have a read through his stuff, I always enjoy reading about his adventures.

Woah! Wait! Before you dispose of me, I have a little story to tell myself.

I was on a lonely trek through low sec in my ever trusty Rifter. I wandered into Paala, a null sec entry system, and chased a rookie Rifter pilot around until he curled up in a safe spot. But it wasn't long before another Rifter appeared on my D-Scan. My D-Scan capability is getting better and soon I had him located at the sun. I engaged warp drive. A quick check up on the new pilot's info revealed that he was a rookie too.

I landed on top of him and got to work. Lock, orbit, afterburner, scram, web and FIRE! His shields were still standing as mine fell, and for a slight moment I panicked. What was I supposed to tell the boyz back in Heild if I lost this fight? I got back to my senses and realized that he was shield fitted, but I started overheating my afterburner and turrets, just in case.

His shields fell but my armour was at about 30%. Then I noticed another Rifter on my overview. It was the pilot that I hunted before this one. Caught between panic and excitement, I locked onto my new adversary while I finished the first Rifter. His pod hung around longer than it should have, but I was already engaging the second Rifter and couldn't focus on the pod.

This one was shield fitted too, but didn’t stand as strong as the previous one. There was a huge hole in my armour by the time I shot through his shield and my Damage Control worked hard to protect my structure from being shredded apart.  It was clear that I was doing more damage than he was but was it going to be enough?


I popped his pod seconds later without much thought. It was only after checking the pod’s killmail that I realized I could’ve ransomed him for a small amount.

I am proud of this fight! They might have been new pilots but they were two, and flying the same ship I was. If the second pilot came in earlier they would have definitely overpowered me as I left this confrontation with about 20% hull. I don’t think they were working together though.

I lost this very Rifter while valiantly fighting off a Malediction. I couldn’t break the diction’s tank, and now I want one too...

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