Monday, January 24, 2011

Introductions and Such

Well met!

My name is Yuzuki Katayanagi, I'm a Vherokian capsuleer trained by the Republic University, though it has been a few years now (and a few deaths) since I graduated. I’ve had many adventures along my travels and met quite a few faces, some of which remain friends to this day.
I have recently acquired more friends, a place to call home and new goals for the future. These all came in the form of a corporation called Abaddon Innovations. They took me in while I was in a rather tight spot because of a wild investment that turned sour and left me flying in an Ibis digging around for any scrap of money I could find. I soon realized though that we shared a common fascination: wormholes
I've made a few excursions into wormhole space before, quite lucrative if you play your cards right. Get it wrong though and you'll soon be gasping for your first breath in a fresh body. Luckily I kissed enough ass at Caldari Navy and was allowed to install a jump clone at one of their facilities. That should keep my implants sitting pretty should things go horribly wrong. I've never got it wrong though, maybe through skill, maybe through sheer luck, but I've lost the hesitation I see others show signs of. Not to say I jump headfirst into the nearest wormhole I see, I take the necessary caution and do a bit of homework first.
The Immortalus, my shiny new Hurricane, is fitted and ready to rip a few sleepers apart. All I need now is a wormhole, and without the help of my old buddy Creed Corbett the further I move from my home station in search, the further I need to bring along 3 ships, one at a time. I seriously need an Orca.
And then there is talk of Sansha Kuvakei on a warpath, guess saving the universe is more important than making money (though I heard Concord is dishing out some serious rewards for helping)
I hope though, that when I do eventually find a wormhole, my corp mates will join me on my adventure.
In my blogs I’ll write all my out of character (OOC) in italics.
I gave away all my money to buy a real life item from a friend, partly because I was broke, and partly because I thought the challenge of living like a hobo and building a cash stash again would be fun (it’s not) and challenging (very much). It did give EVE a new sense of purpose though, and through it I met the folks at Abaddon Innovations.
Creed Corbett was an alt I created for the sole purpose of salvaging the sites I finished in WH space. He was the second character on my miner alt’s (Grey Mason) account. I suspended the account though. Maybe after I have an Orca I’ll reactivate the account again.

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  1. Well met indeed, good to see another corpie blogging, it's a pleasure to have you in the Corp and I look forward to more adventures in WH's.