Friday, January 28, 2011

R.I.P. Immortallus

I imagine my body feeling the warmth of the sun as I fly by the Torrinos star in my pod. I doubt that my pod would actually let any warmth breach it's shields though. The warp to the Ibura gate is a nice quiet moment in contrast to the events that just preceded, time to contemplate, think about the mistakes, learn..."WHAT? How?" comes the voice of a fellow corp member, Seth, in response to my claim that I just lost my ship. Yes, Immortallus is no more, and with it, my clean streaks in wormhole space.
Take note friends, this is the fate of those who grow overconfident and sloppy! The day was full of, as Seth put it, fails. Let me explain:
After taking a quick inspection of Immortallus, I noticed I depleted all my fusion bullets into my friends, the sleepers, two days before. A quick hop to Torrinos took care of that problem, and I decided I'd look for wormholes right there in Immortallus, and not my covert ops frigate as usual. After a few minutes I found one, and proclaimed to Seth that I'd be going in without even probing around in my Cheetah first. He offered to scout for me first, I accepted and soon the fails rolled in.
Fail 1: Seth checked and gave the all clear for me to proceed through the wormhole. Once through I engaged warp drive towards a nearby planet to launch my probes from there. Then over the corp chat Seth spoke: "Don't forget to bookmark the wormhole by the way!" I flinched as he chuckled...
Fail 2: We all know that you don't talk in local comms in wormhole space right? It's the only proof that you're there without the use of scanners, and people not knowing you're there is a good thing in most books. I think it's best if I just show you the logs on this one.
MrPoopypants > noobs all hiding in pos's well apart for the carrier

Yuzuki Katayanagi > lol
Yuzuki Katayanagi > did you see local
Seth1239 > theres a carrier in here? lol
Seth1239 > damn
Seth1239 > i dont see a pos

jhon whang > bye now
Seth1239 > lol he left
jhon whang > why hello

Seth1239 > FUCK
Yuzuki Katayanagi > LMAO!!!
Seth1239 > i typed in local when i meant to type here
Seth1239 > tard....
Seth1239 > im leavin too
Seth1239 > lol this wh has to many people

Seth1239 > hey there :)
Seth1239 > no trouble from me so no worries
jhon whang > I'm just looking for my marbles
Seth1239 > lol well i hope you find them
Seth1239 > cya later
jhon whang > o/

Seth1239 > ima tard....
Yuzuki Katayanagi > dont feel so stupid for the bm miss
Seth1239 > that happens to ppl all the time... BUT I TALKED IN LOCAL... fail
Fail 3: After all the laughing and retardedness, I got back to the job at hand. After taking care of all the sleepers in the signature I scanned down, I was slowly chipping away at the armor of the last battleship sized sleeper. I must have been lulled by the sound of my turrets for when I got round to check my directional scanner again, an Arazu already landed and started to target. Soon I had no chance of warping away, and as I tried getting into range for my autocannons, his fleet showed up. I went down shooting of course, but soon I declared my loss to Seth, and that brings us to the present.
I'm docked at Jita 4-4, and I'm looking up at my new Hurricane. I think I'll call her Phoenix...
If you wanna see the kill on Battleclinic's killboard, click here.

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