Monday, January 31, 2011


I have lost yet another Hurricane! I have to admit, I'm losing my composure! I would tell you how I lost it, but I'd suggest you go to my previous post for that!
By some form of twisted fate I stumbled upon exactly the same WH as last time. This time I did scan for ships first, and found none. Mind you though, at the time I didn't realize I was in the same WH, so after scanning down an anomaly I collected my cane and did my thing. And then, "oh look a Loki uncloaked!"

After adjusting to my new body I checked the killmail. Same system, same alliance same outcome...or worse if you add the cost of a new clone.
I need to figure out a new strategy because now, my WH funds has been nullified. Or maybe it was rotten luck that brought the loss of two canes in a week. As I stare at the market screen, ready to purchase the third, I realize that for the first time in a long time I feel a hesitation to go into a wormhole. This is bad...
Maybe its time for a distraction. Shooting down some other capsulers in low sec might be just the thing to rebuild some confidence...not that I had much luck with that before. Still, its a welcome distraction...
My advice to anyone reading though:
Stay clear of the Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork, and stay clear of J115651.

The fall of the Phoenix


  1. Get yourself some nicely fit Rifters and pwn newbs in low sec. Does wonder for my morale after losing a few Canes :D

  2. Yeah, planning to, I love rifters! I'm just a bit worried about my security rating

  3. There's going to be something for you in your contracts soon from Ministry.

    Remember, pay closer attention to dirscanner and system names.

  4. Security status can ALWAYS be fixed :P I shot and killed an alliance mate today, killed a BS and it was all square.