Sunday, July 31, 2011

Corporational Activities

Since last week's micro success, I've been busy trying to make something of the empty corp I'm in. I paid Xanderzone a small sum to become director of his corporation and have been planning and recruiting since then. The recruitment process is slow, but I've managed to find two young pilots willing to join with us. I've also sponsored a pilot under my license to go into wormhole space and start up a few factories on the planet there. Also while she is in the Republic Military School, she'll be looking for new recruits for The Tempest Blood.

I have noticed the bad attention one gets when mentioning a wormhole corporation, the alliances in there are very protective. I have plans for putting up a POS in the future, but that seems out of the question at the moment. The recruits I'm getting are fairly inexperienced, it will take a little while before I take them into unknown space, and if I do, we'll only stay in as long as we stay unnoticed. I am still destroying sleepers when I can on my own, but I can't wait to have some help in there.
Hadozeko has been kind to me, it's rich with signatures to scan, I rat when there's nobody around, and I get lots of chances to fight other pilots. The Black Souls Industry is very present in here, gate camping in large gangs. I steer clear of them, and they haven't bothered me much. Then there is the Black Rebel Rifter Club, run by Miura Bull. They love rifters as much as I do, and they love a good fight, solo most of the time. If I wasn't busy with the corporation right now, I'd join them in a heartbeat. I only hope I can win their respect enough for them to invite me on some of their roams.
I've had little luck finding nanoribbons (only four on my last excursion), but the few I get still gives me greater payout than shooting at rocks. Between trying to recruit, doing wormholes and frigate battles, my day to day is getting very interesting.

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