Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mini Fist Pump!

I found a class 2 wormhole in Ardar on Saturday. After thoroughly scouting it out, I fetched my new Hurricane and started shooting at sleepers. The tank did...okay I guess, had to warp out one or two times to let my armor repper catch up but all in all it held its own. The addition of the webber made all the difference against the frigates and I think my DPS is okay against cruisers. The battleships are tough cookies to crack though, and they pack a punch from a distance. I had to bookmark a random object close to it, warp out and back to the object to get under its guns.

I was surprised by the lack of nanoribbons in my cargo after the salvaging was done but continued to the next site. Once again, no nanoribbons. I was busy with site three when I noticed some activity from other pilots. Not wanting to repeat past mistakes, I fetched my Cheetah and proceeded looking for these pilots.

Seems as though system J111141 belongs to Unity Continuum from the Supernova Federation, and after a brief dialogue with one of their pilots, Prince Drake, I realized that doing more sites in this system might not be the greatest idea. Instead I started scanning the system for another wormhole, and after a bit I found one, dead as a graveyard to boot. Pretty soon I was firing my autocannons at sleepers again. Only by the 2nd site there did I find one nanoribbon, and I found a few more on the third, but I wasn't able to complete it. Unity Continuum, it seems, are a greedy bunch. They had but a few pilots in J111141 and too much sites anyone would know what to do with...

Needless to say my day of wormhole exploration came to an end. I scanned out more wormholes, but they were well populated or higher than class 2. I made 30 million Isk in the process but was hoping for more. Mini fist pump indeed.

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