Monday, April 30, 2012

Vengeance at last!

First of all I want to start the post by linking this:

 >>>>AT LAST!!!<<<<<

The Vengeance has eluded my killboard for quite some time now. I've always known my Wolf can take one down with relative ease, but the circumstances never played out right. This one was piloted by a fairly new pilot and he still gave me a run for my money. Especially because I forgot to turn on the afterburner...but screw it, I'm taking this kill and putting it on my hall of fame!

Now I still need to bring down a Harpy...not the easiest of assault frigates to bring down, but doable. I’ve managed to drain its capacitor before and barely made an escape. I’ve learned much since and keeping range (not easy with a wolf) while draining its capacitor should do the trick, if I remember to fit the right ammo.

Also on the Wolf hit list, I managed to snag two Wolf vs Wolf kills against an older pilot than myself. I was filled with immense pride but somehow I didn't ever post about them.

The first one was when Vavie asked for a 1v1. I wanted to say no, but felt inclined being a rebel and all. I undocked, fully expecting to lose my Wolf. Battle commenced and I came out the victor!

The second encounter was when I saw Vavie again, this time docked with me without his usual fleet standing by. I undocked and so did he and we duked it out right there. It looked bad for my Wolf, but my nuets soon took its toll on Vavie’s capacitor and his armour repairer couldn’t save him from my projectile assault.

I’ve had moments of intense stupidity too, most of which I’ve blogged about. My three worst cases of total retarded behaviour was losing ships to sentry fire. I lost a rupture when killing a cyno and subsequently got stuck on the station. I lost a Wolf when I forgot about my GCC and undocked while my attention was away to load some songs for my planned roam. My last one was when I ordered my ship to warp and jump into a high sec island while I was helping Creed to scan down a battleship. I was reminded that my ship was hanging in high sec by the screaming alarms of a dying shield. I tried to warp out but it was in vain, the ship exploded and my mood was sour.

In other news, my Hurricane sleeper destroyer worked out fine. The only problem was getting into range with my autocannons fast enough as Sorn’s Drake could hit from far away. I might fit some artillery cannons when sleeper hunting with Sorn to speed things up on my side. The tank held brilliantly though and soon we did about 4 sites before being chased out of the hole. The rewards was pathetic though as we only managed to salvage 4 nanoribbons.

I’m starting to find little to no targets in Essence these days, and seeing as Hadozeko houses my only remaining Wolf, I have jumped there to find some targets. I might even go planet side for some good old fashioned hunting in between my pirating lifestyle. I enjoy roaming around in dense woodlands with nothing but an old-earth 12ga Shotgun. It relates to a primitive form of hunting noobs in space.

I doubt that I’d be writing about my hunting excursions anytime soon though, and hope that my next post will be full of awesome spaceship kills, and not about any derpy sentry gun losses.


  1. Grats for finally catching a Vengeance. Also - a Rebel roaming the woodlands with a 12ga shotgun? Just keep an eye out for the forest rangers - some have hinted to Concord issuing KOS orders to planetside law enforcement.

  2. I say let them come! My hunting black leather jacket is 12mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Armor Plated and I'm sure that a slug shot can rip chunk of flesh from more than just a buck.